“If it had not been for the insurance I bought from NCA Financial, I would have lost my home.  If you are considering Insurance, consider it carefully in light of freedoms you currently enjoy.  If you can’t imagine your life without them, then your only option is to invest in this great protection.”

— Arthur Crowell (client)


"What is really important to us is our freedom to be us, to be together, to be useful, to be active and allow caring for each other as long as God and our health allow.  That is why each of us has insurance policies from NCA Financial.  Our Insurance affords us the protection of freedom of choice, independence, and freedom of mind.  Just as in our early, growing up years, we will be able to remain together as family, a way of living that we value most.  If you value your way of living and you want to maintain it as long as you possibly can, we highly recommend NCA Financial.”

— Leone Behneman and Lydia Thomas (clients)

"my insurance protects my freedom and independence"

"I don’t think anybody plans of being ill or confined for a long period of time.  Nursing homes, canes, walkers, assisted living – none of this is something we really think about until we are forced, by age or illness, to come face to face with reality.  My husband and I enjoyed life, and our activities were many.  But over a period of time, he began to change.  The day he didn’t know me anymore was not unexpected, but they day to day care that he required and the drain on our savings (he did not have Long-Term Care) soon told me that this was more that I could handle.  However, I took it one day at a time, and I became his sole care-giver for almost eight years.  It wasn’t until her required physical lifting and almost constant supervision that I hired outside help.  During the remaining years of my husband’s illness, I met Bob Riendl.  He showed me the advantages of Long Term Care and I purchased protection for myself.  Of course, I knew how costly it had been to provide the care for my husband in our home, and knew I didn’t want the expense for myself, so Long Term Care was the obvious answer. 

I suffered a stroke.  I was in the hospital for three weeks and in therapy for four months.  I now receive five hours of care a day, seven days a week.  In June of this year, I will be 99 years young, and I am still active in the things I enjoy.  I do not spend my days sitting around wishing for yesterday.  I look forward to the activities each day.  There is much I am grateful for and much I have left to do.  Whatever tomorrow brings, I can handle it, but only because I have the freedom to do so.  My Insurance protects my freedom of independence and allows me to live my life as completely as I can.  I strongly recommend that you educate yourself further as to the advantages of this special protection."

— Mildred J. Burnham (client)


"I strongly recommend that you make this valuable investment with NCA Financial."

“I was born and raised in Chicago, where my brother currently resides, and I took pride in raising my children to be independent and caring adults.  It was never my intention that they should spend their adult years caring for me should I become ill or incapacitated, and that is why I purchased Long Term Care Insurance.

I now live with Parkinson’s.  I have good days, and I have bad days.  But I am grateful for each and every day that I am able to get up, dress, and exercise my independence in my own home.  I live in the comfort and security of my own home, and my children are free to come and go as they please, and as their schedules allow.  They don’t have to feel guilty because they cannot totally care for me.  No matter how much you love someone, no one person can be the sole care giver for an extended period of time. 

I am able to maintain control over those things in my life that are most important to me.  The one thing that makes all of this possible is my Long Term Care insurance.  It is better than winning the lottery!  If you are looking at Insurance as a possible means of protecting your freedoms in your later years, then I strongly recommend that you make this valuable investment with NCA Financial.”

— Dorothy Ziblat (client)